Stop pretending this is a normal presidency

Stop pretending this is a normal presidency

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Since his election in 2009, Obama’s policies have been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people and will result in the deaths of tens of thousands more. Thanks to his efforts to destroy America’s borders, Americans may be included in this grim toll. Certainly, Americans are now threatened by terrorists as never before.

Where is the Republican opposition? Why are Republicans still treating Obama as though his were a normal presidency and not a national disgrace? Why are there no indictments of Obama for the carnage he has enabled?

There is one foreign policy area where Republicans have shown some fight: Benghazi. But the fight here has been over an inquiry — important in its own right, but not a political challenge to Obama’s efforts to sabotage and degrade the country he is supposed to lead. …

During the battle waged by American heroes against the terrorists’ assault in Benghazi, the president and his secretary of state went A.W.O.L. and left these brave Americans to die. Instead of honoring them and hunting down their killers, Obama then took off for a fundraiser in Las Vegas. This was surely the most shameful individual act by a president in the history of the White House.

Having abandoned these American heroes and their families, Obama and his minions then lied to the American people about the terrorist attack and used it as an occasion to defend the Prophet Mohammed in a U.N. address to the world. …

When will Republicans gather the courage to start speaking truth to power?

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