Want peace in the Middle East? Start accepting reality

Want peace in the Middle East? Start accepting reality

There’s never an easy time to be a supporter of Israel, but in the last few weeks it has been harder than ever. But one thing never changes: The other side always comes down to challenging Israel’s right to exist.

Yes, these days you have to deal with the lopsided casualty totals.

With no hint of irony, the media keeps reporting that Israel is losing the media war. How could it win? Most accounts give a number of Israeli military dead, while treating all the losses in Gaza as civilian.

When one side’s “warriors” don’t wear uniforms and hide in hospitals and schools, everyone looks like a civilian. How many media stories make that distinction? Damned few.

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But the generally unfair treatment of Israel goes a lot deeper. In arguments about Israel and the Palestinians — anytime, now or in a period of relative peace — one thing is always true: The very existence of Israel is constantly up for debate.

It may be your generally nonpolitical Facebook friend posting cutesy videos about “stolen” land; it can be Gawker casually suggesting Israel should be in Germany. Whatever: Israel is always having to defend its right to simply be.

No other country has to defend itself against terrorists, defend its people’s right to defend themselves against terrorists and also defend its right to exist at all.

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