Ebola and open borders: What could possibly go wrong?

Ebola and open borders: What could possibly go wrong?

When the story broke last week that an American infected with Ebola would be brought into the country for treatment, many were concerned at the wisdom of such a plan. Should we invite the risk of a deadly outbreak in the U.S.? Would it really be just this one exception? Can the danger really be contained? All valuable questions.

But of course, we can’t ask those questions at our WIDE OPEN BORDER.

Breitbart released a leaked report from Customs and Border Protection that detailed how many immigrants have illegally crossed into the U.S. in the last six months. Of the many thousands of people from 75 different countries who entered illegally, at least 71 are from the three countries being ravaged by the Ebola outbreak. That sounds like a good reason to seal the border to me.

“We’re not going to hermetically seal the borders of the US,” says CDC director Tom Frieden.

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Naturally. Why would we want to make sure that no one carrying Ebola virus is roaming the country? Are you scared of a 50-90% fatality rate? We can’t “hermetically seal” the border, you know; we can’t even hypothetically seal it.

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