The media are a bunch of meanies

The media are a bunch of meanies

[Ed. – Except for George E. Condon, Jr., who is obviously a self-deluded moron]

There has been so little good news lately that President Obama shouldn’t be faulted for wanting to celebrate the latest jobs report Friday morning, which showed another month of impressive jobs growth. But he quickly learned that the White House Briefing Room is not a good place to try to take a little victory lap. It turns out that neither the reporters nor world events would let that happen.

The president began his press conference with the jaunty declaration that this was a “happy Friday.” He then rattled off the day’s employment statistics, boasting of what he called “a six-month streak with at least 200,000 new jobs each month.” He then felt secure enough to use words he previously could not to describe the economy. Words like “stronger” and “better” and “recovered.” He even went so far as to use the ultimate word in describing an economic recovery —”booming.” With great satisfaction, he declared: “Our engines are revving a little bit louder.”

Doubling down on his joy, he then went for the easy jab at a partisan target just begging to be poked — the embarrassing failure of House Republican leadership to rally the GOP troops Thursday behind Speaker John Boehner’s preferred measure to deal with the crisis on the nation’s southern border. With his own competence very much being questioned by critics in recent weeks, the president turned the tables, mixing sarcasm and mockery to note that House Republicans were fighting among themselves and were showing themselves less than adept at running a legislative chamber. He also noted the dissonance in messaging when the House GOP is suing him for executive actions they dislike but now they are “suggesting I should act on my own because they couldn’t pass a bill.”


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