Pelosi says ‘impeachment’ again to keep the meme going

Pelosi says ‘impeachment’ again to keep the meme going

[Ed. – Impeachment joins racist, apartheid, and war on women as a lefty super-meme.  Of course, John Boehner has taken impeachment off the table.]

Republicans who think they have a legitimate beef against Obama for abuse of power probably weren’t in the Congress in 2007 when Pelosi became speaker in a Democratic-controlled House elected on a wave of anti-war fervor. Liberal Democrats wanted to impeach President George W. Bush, but Pelosi took it off the table. Why didn’t she pursue impeachment? “I didn’t think it was right for the American people,” she said. “We were starting our new majority, and the first thing we do is impeach President Bush?” She didn’t think so, saying, “History makes its assessment and verdict.”

The Democratic House could have defunded the war; that’s how the Vietnam War came to an ignominious close. Pelosi chose not to do that, and some in her party have never forgiven her. “In a certain segment of the left, I will never recover from that,” she said. Of course she has no regrets, and if Boehner wanted to shut down talk of impeachment in his caucus, he could do that in an instant, she says. “You just have to say it was off the table, instead of appealing to the wink-and-nod crowd” as he is doing. Asked how she managed the sizable number of progressives in the Democratic caucus, she shot back, “I led… I led.” …

Asked if she was secretly smiling since talk of impeachment is rallying Democrats, she insisted, “No,” then noted that a barrage of money from the grassroots had come in, “74,000 new donors, people we never heard from before, almost spontaneously.” Republicans are energized by talk of impeachment, but so are Democrats. There’s also evidence, Pelosi says, the hyper-partisanship is “turning off the middle. Maybe that’s what they’re going to try to do, out-base us,” she says.

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