Fester, fester, fester: Obamacare continues to rot

Fester, fester, fester: Obamacare continues to rot

Beyond insurance companies leaving entire states, policy cancellations reportedly are continuing or are around the corner.

  • Colorado officials on June 16 announced new cancellations that will cost 3,611 people their coverage. This brings the Centennial State’​s total cancellations under Obamacare to 339,561.
  • Chamber Insurance and Benefits in Las Vegas estimates that some 90,000 policies in Nevada are at risk of cancellation or non-renewal.

Writing in ForbesManhattan Institute health-policy analyst and NRO contributor Avik Roy discovered that in 3,137 of America’s 3,144 counties, Obamacare has hiked 2014 individual-market premiums by an average of 49 percent. Women saw rates increase in 82 percent of U.S. counties, while they rose in 91 percent of counties for men. Although some have benefited from Obamacare’s subsidies, Roy writes, “Those who face higher premiums, higher taxes, or both, appear to outnumber those whom the law has made better off. That alone isn’t a test of the law’s virtue — but it is a measure of the law’s failed promise.”

Obamacare also is a museum of mismanagement. The inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services learned that the federal Obamacare exchanges cannot resolve 89 percent of the inconsistencies between information on applications and corresponding data from verifiable sources. Not surprisingly, the Government Accountability Office filled out twelve Obamacare applications with false names, phony addresses, and bogus records. Eleven of these were approved — complete with approximately $30,000 in subsidies.

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