Obama will be disgraced, not impeached

Obama will be disgraced, not impeached

There’s nothing that President Obama’s current distasteful impeachment trolling resembles so much as Alex Rodriguez in 2004. The slumping hitter, frustrated after a difficult season, triggered a bench-clearing brawl in Boston after being hit by a pitch from Bronson Arroyo. Rodriguez threw down his bat, glared, and started cussing at the pitcher. Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek rushed into his path, and as A-Rod cursed the pitcher and accused him of hitting him on purpose, legend has it Varitek shot back, “We don’t throw at .260 hitters!” And, well, this happened. A few months later the half-centaur was swatting at Arroyo’s glove, and his reputation in baseball was never the same.

This incident should inform the general Republican Party response to any executive action on amnesty and the Left’s other passive-aggressive attempts to divert attention away from the failures of their unpopular, discredited president. Treat him like A-Rod, and don’t throw at .260 hitters.

The problem for Republicans is that if Obama does what he’s apparently planning to do, it really is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional. Yuval Levin, no crazy conspiracy theorist he:

“Many people in Washington seem to be talking about the prospect of the president unilaterally legalizing the status of several million people who entered the country illegally as though it were just another political question. But if reports about the nature of the executive action he is contemplating are right, it would be by far the most blatant and explosive provocation in the administration’s assault on the separation of powers, and could well be the most extreme act of executive overreach ever attempted by an American president in peacetime.”

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