‘Leader of the free world.’ Not

‘Leader of the free world.’ Not

The American president is known as the Leader of the Free world because they were willing to jump in to help maintain peace and freedom where and when needed. Americans are unique in their resolve to help people live a life of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. You could count on America and Americans.

This President has changed that meaning tremendously. I would imagine when other leaders in the free world hear Mr. Obama referred to as the “Leader of the Free World” they snicker!

America is quickly becoming the home of the overburdened and underemployed. With over 50% of Americans dependent upon some form of government aid and over 92 million Americans out of work, how free can we be?

The Administration is cutting salaries for our military and cutting back on military funding so our ability to shore up a government who may need help and get to people who need protection will become next to impossible. …

Mr. Obama is right on track to do what he has set out to do. Bring America down to the level and status of a third world country. He and Mr. Kerry don’t appreciate American exceptionalism. They don’t understand it. …

I do agree with my friends on the Left about one thing. The turmoil in the world is America’s fault. Yes it is. It is our fault because they can’t trust Mr. Obama.

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