Israel’s bloody assault on Gaza is a dream come true for Hamas

Israel’s bloody assault on Gaza is a dream come true for Hamas

Israel exists only because quite a lot of people hate Jews for being Jews, and sometimes that hate turns into murder.

It is a place where Jews can go when other people want to kill them for being what they are, not for what they do, and when nobody else will take them in.

But it also exists because we in Britain set up a Jewish ‘national home’ in what was then our colony of Palestine, though we spent the next 30 years trying to go back on our word.

And it also exists because when we were too poor to hang on to our empire and quit Palestine in 1948 – leaving it in bloody, unfinished disarray – the USA backed the Jewish state that emerged from the mess.

It may all have been a terrible mistake. I’m not sure what choice there was back then. But it is there, like many other lingering injustices done in the 1940s, in India and central Europe, and it seems to me that wise and civilised people should try to accept it and make it work.

The alternative is endless blood and screams, stretching for miles and for years.

I made up my mind some years back, after many visits to the region, very much including the West Bank and Gaza, that the only honest position a British person could take was absolute defence of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

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