Must-read interview with cartoonist-in-chief A.F. Branco

Must-read interview with cartoonist-in-chief A.F. Branco

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[A.F. Branco]:  One of my pet peeves is the liberal bias in media. They have a responsibility – they are the unspoken fourth branch of government. I think they have a responsibility to be objective. With Obama – and I know it has a lot to do with his race – but even with Clinton, even with Hillary at times you see the bias but more so with Obama than I have ever seen historically. I have been covering politics since President Carter and I have never seen anything like this.

It is a phenomenon that I believe is going to be shown in history as only associated with Obama, primarily because of his race. The media invested so much into Obama, that no matter how disastrous he is, no matter the destruction that he has put on this country that we will probably have to unbury ourselves from for the next 30 years, they will find a way to defend him. You would think that this border crisis would be enough to send people at least center-right but the media goes out of its way to cover for him. That really bothers me because they are not upholding their responsibility.

[Alana Marie Burke]: In your last answer, you said “primarily because of his race.” Can you elaborate on that?

AFB: I think that liberals in general suffer from a huge amount of white guilt. There is so much race baiting going on and the throwing of the race card around. Conservatives, I believe, do not care about race, they care about the character, about the man. With liberals, it tends to be more about race. If you disagree with Obama whatsoever, it is racist even if you disagreed with Clinton for the same things. I think this [media protection] will happen with any Democrat who happens to be black but if you are a black conservative, the media is just atrocious. …

AMB: [S]ome of your cartoons clearly show that you were affected by an issue to the point where humor just was not a good fit. Humor or not, you definitely take a stand and you do not subscribe to political correctness.

AFB: …It has caused me some problems. Huffington Post barbecued me really badly on a cartoon I did a while back and the hate mail I received on that…I find the hate mail entertaining and I don’t take it personally, in fact I grade the hate mail as to how creative some people can be with their hate. My wife has been very patient with me for the last four years, loves what I do and is very supportive. One day I was laughing hysterically in my office while reading my hate mail.

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