Do you love the TSA? You’ll love it even more now that its fees on travel are going up

Do you love the TSA? You’ll love it even more now that its fees on travel are going up

Air travel is getting more expensive. Starting this week, the Transportation Security Administration is raising the mandatory security fee put into place after Sept. 11, 2011. The government isn’t just raising it, it’s more than doubling fees for some travelers — and redefining the definition of a flight.  Read on.

Under the previous security fee structure, consumers paid $2.50 for a single leg and there was a cap of $5 on any one-way ticket, so fliers paid at most $10 for any round-trip flight. The new fee raises each leg to $5.60 and puts no cap on the total you can pay based on layovers.

Any flight that has a connection with a layover of more than four hours domestically will incur an additional $5.60 fee. For example, if you booked a round-trip ticket that includes two connections lasting more than four hours, the TSA will hit you with a total fee of $22.40.

Business travelers who fly non-stop routes, and travelers in secondary markets requiring connections, will see the biggest impact. Business travelers are already being pounded by rising airfares as limited competition and last minute bookings drive fares higher. This will simply add to their burden.

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