Charlie Crist wants you to know he can use his brain and talk to scientists

Charlie Crist wants you to know he can use his brain and talk to scientists

[Ed. – What is it with Democrats and the lame, meaningless talking points?]

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate, who as a Republican governor in 2007 said global warming was “one of the most important issues that we will face this is century,” was handed an opportunity to highlight a difference between himself and Gov. Rick Scott when Scott said, “I’m not a scientist,” in response to a question about climate change.  Friday, Crist met with one of the scientists who has offered to meet with Scott and discuss the issue.

“I’m not a scientist either but I can use my brain and I can talk to one,” said Crist, arriving for a 25-minute presentation by Professor Jeff Chanton of the Florida State University Earth and Atmospheric Science Department.

A consequence of global warming, which Chanton said correlates with an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane starting with the industrial revolution, is rising sea levels. …

In 2008 Crist hosted a Climate Changed Summit and during his term signed three executive orders designed to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and develop renewable energy sources. He said Friday was about continuing a “dialogue” on the issue.

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