U.S. citizen calls out border agent on unlawful search

U.S. citizen calls out border agent on unlawful search

A concerned U.S. citizen spoke with me about a brief incident that took place over the summer at a U.S. border patrol checkpoint in Arizona. He then provided the above video with this explanation:

The incident we spoke about that is reflected on the video took place near Tombstone, AZ on June 10, 2014. I pray that it can be used to show the hypocrisy and failure of the Government’s policies. I saw on ‘Hannity’ last night that 40% of Border Patrol field agents have been reassigned to refugee welfare related duties with liberals praising them for taking their own money to buy illegal immigrants hygiene items, diapers, etc. So what is the purpose for these checkpoints exactly?

In the video, our contact stops at the checkpoint  where he is greeted and detained by an agent who tells him, “This will just be a moment, alright?” According to the contact, another agent then approached the vehicle with a K-9 unit (a dog trained to smell and identify illegal contraband). The second agent then began to deploy the dog to sniff the vehicle, beginning at the rear (Notice the driver-side rear view mirror). It is important to note here that this was not a “drug checkpoint,” but simply a general checkpoint through which all vehicles must pass.

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