Nationalize the Ivy League? What could go wrong?

Nationalize the Ivy League? What could go wrong?

In response to William Deresiewicz’s recent article in The New Republic about the deficiencies of a modern Ivy League education, Chris Lehmann of In These Times goes full Soviet: Nationalize the universities! He writes:

So rather than taking a sojourn among the working class to round out a deficient elite life curriculum, why not reverse the tacit social logic here? Finish the work begun by the GI Bill—which wreaked a sea change in access to quality higher education via the direct method of driving down its cost—and nationalize American institutions of higher learning, abolishing anything more than a nominal tuition fee. Yes, amid present conditions, this is utopian. But it’s no less realistic—and infinitely more democratic—than the expectation that better-trained meritocrats somehow will rescue the rest of us.

This solution ostensibly addresses some of the faults Deresiewicz finds with the operating procedures of Yale and Harvard, which reinforce economic privilege, according to the New Republic piece:

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