So lame: Tired, bogus charges of ‘racism’

So lame: Tired, bogus charges of ‘racism’

According to “them” I am a racist because I think the current president is a loser. …

According to “them” I am a racist because I think the flood at the border, prompted by this administration, by people who stay here illegally is a problem and I want the border and the American Laws protected and adhered to. …

According to “them” I am a racist because I think that religious rights should be honored and not trampled on. …

These are just a few examples as to how the progressive Left is either low-IQ or low information. They throw around the word racist for anyone that doesn’t agree with them. But that not what the word means! Black, progressive, Left, socialist groups (or Democratic Black Caucus for short) call black non-progressive, non-Left, conservative, Christians racist! How is that even possible? They can’t pull one word from the definition to back that statement up.

The reason it’s so hard to believe anything coming out of that party is because of all the lies originating there, including calling people racists who demonstrate none of those characteristics.

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