Homeless Chinese mother tries to down self, disabled baby, when fate steps in

Homeless Chinese mother tries to down self, disabled baby, when fate steps in

Homeless, abandoned and with a disabled child, this Chinese mother saw no way out other than to wade into the river to kill herself and her baby.

But the woman’s desperate actions were stopped when passers-by saw her walking in her clothes into the water, and formed a human chain to pull her and the baby back to shore in the city of Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province.

And now, after the publicity the case attracted, mother Wei Chung, 32, has been given a place in sheltered accommodation and the promise that the local hospital will attempt once again to look at her baby daughter’s health issues.

She told local TV that just under two years ago life had seemed good when she and her husband Peng, 38, discovered that she was pregnant.
But after the baby was born she was told that not only was the child suffering from Down’s syndrome, but also that the baby had a congenital heart problem that meant it was unlikely to survive for long.

She said: ‘I visited many hospitals but no one could help me. Then suddenly we found that my husband had packed his bags in the night and left without saying a word, and without any income we ended up homeless.’

Unable to see a way out, she took the baby, not yet a year old, and carried it out into the river.

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