Hamas’ strategy is working

Hamas’ strategy is working

These leaders of Hamas, you have to give them credit. They understand people like Kerry and Obama better than the president and his secretary of state understand themselves.

Hamas planned out this conflict knowing that it could count on the Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine, which amounts to a knee-jerk reaction of support for any group of people supposedly seeking “freedom” or sustaining casualties.

And so it baited Israel with missiles, knowing that the Israelis eventually would have no choice but to react. And then it refused a ceasefire and invited an Israeli invasion, knowing that the civilian deaths would pile up and world opinion – AND OBAMA AND KERRY OPINION – would soon turn against the Israelis.

And of course, the White House and the State Department are freaking out and demanding that Israel cease and desist. Israel will eventually comply, because it needs America – and therefore Obama – and Hamas will get to keep what remains of its tunnels and rebuild the rest.

Then, Israel’s ability to embark on forceful actions for at least the near future will be limited. And the Palestinians will have scored another PR coup, gaining the further sympathy of the world and of America’s gullible, feckless leadership.


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