Protecting the American Dream: The murder of the middle class

Protecting the American Dream: The murder of the middle class

Did you know that America’s middle class is getting murdered? It is. I should know. I’m a S.O.B. (son of a butcher) and grandson of a butcher, a second generation American who graduated Columbia University alongside my classmate Barack Obama…and became a self-made successful small business owner, conservative politician, Vice Presidential nominee and conservative media commentator. Only in America!

I’m living proof that capitalism, American exceptionalism, Judeo Christian values, faith in God, country and work ethic and the great American Dream all work. But there is an evil plot to destroy them all.

America, the greatest nation in world history, is being destroyed, plundered and looted by the premeditated “murder of the middle class.” This is no accident, mistake, or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is the boldest, grandest criminal conspiracy in world history.

Although the man at the center of this massive world-class fraud is Barack Obama, there are many moving parts and co-conspirators. These include famous billionaire businessmen, corporate CEOs, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street bankers, central bankers, government employee unions, the IRS, EPA, NSA, the Bar Association, assorted communists and America-haters, and even some well-known D.C. establishment Republicans. It’s quite a shocking list of conspirators.

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