Kerry flunks the laugh test on Iran

Kerry flunks the laugh test on Iran

Evidencing a bit of panic, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf took to Twitter to bat down the errant report that Secretary of State John F. Kerry was recommending a vote on sanctions –likely to go into effect if no final Iran deal is reached (after an expected extension). Of course, it’s not true. No one who’s been following Kerry’s tenure at state would think he’s figured out that leverage is needed to force the Iranians to give up their drive to nuclear capability.

We can expect briefings in the next few days behind closed doors in which Kerry pleads that more time is needed, “gaps” are closing and any sanctions, even conditional on no deal after one more extension, would mean war. (Really, that’s how these people think.) He may implore Congress to wait another three months or another six, but he’ll certainly reject any insinuation that he’s being played for a fool and wasting time. If he didn’t understand that in the “peace process” why would he wise up now?

Kerry and Democratic lawmakers carrying water for the White House (primarily by opposing a vote on sanctions) should understand whatdoesn’t pass the laugh test at this point:

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