A cost-sharing burden too far: Moronic potheads and their medical bills

A cost-sharing burden too far: Moronic potheads and their medical bills

With all the caterwauling we have heard for years from the nanny state do-gooders over the dangers of smoking tobacco and eating crappy food, where is the outrage now? There may be plenty of debate about whether smoking marijuana is more dangerous than smoking tobacco. But nobody who isn’t a hopeless pothead is arguing it is less dangerous.

Already, studies show a rise in pot-related fatal car wrecks in Colorado.

Where are you, Michael Bloomberg? Why isn’t the first lady donning spandex and jumping up and down about this? Let’s move!

It is the same reason we are now forced to know all about this outfit called Hobby Lobby.  …

Let us not forget that the only reason the Supreme Court and all the rest of us are in this predicament is because we got forced into the bathroom at knifepoint when politicians passed a law making us pay for everybody else’s health care!

It really is a vintage Washington compromise. …

Now a jackass doing wheelies down the highway on his motorcycle with firecrackers hanging out of his pants and an infected nose ring dangling down over his greasy goatee is suddenly my business. I am forced to hope it is just a clean kill and the meat wagon carries him directly to the funeral home.

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