Seattle meth head: Weirdest home invasion ever?

Seattle meth head: Weirdest home invasion ever?

The University District couple returned to their condo late Wednesday night and walked right into a scene straight out of Paranormal Activity. They found their junk mail ripped open and a paint can overturned in their toilet. Someone—or something—had also smeared lotion over their doorknobs, the couple says.

Spooked, Brian O’Neill, 38, and his wife crept into their bedroom. “And it was just trashed,” says Bridget O’Neill, 32, who works for the Pokemon Company International as a graphic designer. She found all their clothes scattered on the floor. A mound of electronics had been piled high on top of their bed. And perhaps most bizarre, the soles of her shoes and boots—20 pairs total—had been removed.

Yet nothing had been stolen. … The [police] determined that an intruder must have shimmied up a tree next to the condo and crawled through the O’Neills’ bedroom window… But they did not find any fingerprints. …

The officers left after 45 minutes. …

[Later, hearing noises under their bed, the couple called the police again.]

The O’Neills waited outside their condo when the police returned and went inside. The officers emerged a few minutes later with a lanky, wild-eyed woman. …

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The woman…told cops that she had been on a “meth rampage” for several days, according to the police report. Police believe the tweaker had hid under the bed during a bout of drug-induced paranoia. Brian O’Neill says she stood about 5-foot-7 and weighed maybe 90 pounds.

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