Jay Carney’s next gig: PR head for Apple or Uber?

Jay Carney’s next gig: PR head for Apple or Uber?

[Ed. – Either company’s new ad jingle: ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’]

Jay Carney may not be following other press secretaries into punditry. In fact, according to a report from Re/Code, Carney is being “bandied about” as a contender to join up with Apple or Uber.

Yes, the former White House Press Secretary is apparently being looked at to be the head of PR by both big companies. Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, has reached out to people like Carney about the position.

Let’s make this incredibly clear: no one’s saying Carney’s a lock for a position nor is he necessarily at the top of the list. But he is being looked at, so if that were to come to pass, one could only imagine how the public would take to that.

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