Amanda Marcotte’s continuing assault on facts, decency, and reason

Amanda Marcotte’s continuing assault on facts, decency, and reason

Usually I avoid responding to political columnists who are obviously afflicted with particularly insidious forms of dementia which of necessity includes Amanda Marcotte. But this particularly insane rant – which exists solely to take unsourced and spurious accusations against crisis pregnancy centers – is so blatantly dishonest and delusional that it demands at least some sort of response. The basic thrust of Marcotte’s argument is that some European countries (Marcotte singles out Finland for this article) give expecting mothers a box full of neat goodies, which is evidence that the more pro-choice a country is, the more pro-motherhood they are.

In addition to the fact that this is a leap in logic of fairly stunning breadth, it is also the case that Marcotte’s premises are dead wrong. In the first place, the push in Scandanavian countries towards encouraging mothers to keep their kids is nothing new. Europe, as has been noted by many on the right (and in particular by Jonathan Last) is facing demographic collapse. Countries like Norway and Finland are doing essentially everything they can to ensure that their population reproduces at at least replacement rates, which is something that no doubt pisses Amanda Marcotte off to no end.

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