This time, let Israel finish job

This time, let Israel finish job

The play-by-play for Israeli-Palestinian eruptions is so well-worn that it’s become formulaic.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza find an excuse to escalate their daily rocket attacks against settlements and towns in Israel, forcing Israel to the breaking point of its patience for random assaults on its citizenry.

Israel responds with air strikes against the rocket launch sites, which the Palestinians shield with civilians, including children. Cameras turn away from the smoldering remnants of rockets that fell on Israel and toward wailing Palestinians toting the bodies of their dead through the streets.

Hamas uses the retaliation as an excuse to fire even more missiles at even larger targets. Meanwhile, world leaders, including those in Washington, urge both sides to stand down, as if both sides were the provocateur. In any case, neither side does.

At some point, Israel decides the only way to end its torment is to send ground troops sweeping through Gaza to root out the terrorists one by one.

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