7 ways hunters can hammer the anti-hunting lunatics

7 ways hunters can hammer the anti-hunting lunatics

Here’s seven ditties on how you, the hunter, can effectively fight back against the anti-hunting spazoids.

1. Get informed.  As a hunter you must know, and be able to rattle off, how hunting is good for your diet, our economy, our lands and the animals themselves.  A great place to start getting briefed is via Frank Miniter’s bestseller, The Politically Incorrect Guide To Hunting.  This book is a must read.

2. Get Ticked.  Hunters, you’ve gotta stop taking crap from the anti-hunters who spurn this God-blessed activity.  Which leads me to point number …

3. Get Vocal.  Anytime you hear an anti-hunter yarble off some BS they’re regurgitating from an eco-terrorist or a Disney movie, let ‘em have it with the truth about conservation through hunting. However, make certain you’re not a nasally, nerve grating screech about it.  You don’t want to come off cuckoo like they do.  Also, be sure to point out all the leather they own and wear and the fact that farmers shoot deer that eat their precious veggies.

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4. Get Political.  If you aren’t up on the issues and if you don’t vote according to a pro-hunting, pro-gun policy agenda then you’re shooting your pursuit right in the crotch.  The anti-hunters are political, Liberal and manic and if you stay ignorant on the issues and inactive, then you cede ground to them that they’ll joyfully take.

5. Get Together.  Join Facebook groups and other social media groups that are pro-hunting. They’re a great source of information and camaraderie and also a great way to crush anti-hunters when they start a blitzkrieg on people like Kendall and Axelle and, of course, Spielberg when he shoots dinosaurs.  Also, join the NRA, Dallas Safari Club, Safari Club International and other hunting groups.

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