There’s no border crisis; just pass the damn bill

There’s no border crisis; just pass the damn bill

[Ed. – Has she been comatose for a week?]

We have had an immigration crisis for a long time in the United States. Now we also have a humanitarian crisis. It’s important we understand the distinction—and do something to solve both. Some clarifying facts are in order.

Central American children are fleeing their countries because of violence.

Central America is facing unprecedented gang warfare and violence. These criminal gangs especially target young people; if you don’t join, there are violent consequences. A young boy told the Women’s Refugee Commission, “In El Salvador, there is a wrong—it is being young. It is better to be old.” Young people face terrible threats in migrating, often alone, to the United States or elsewhere—muggings, theft, kidnappings, rape, death—but as The Washington Post reports, “that stuff, and worse, was at home.”

According to Vox, between 2009 and 2012 a civilian was more likely to be killed by violence in Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador than killed in Iraq at the height of the insurgency. Data analysis has shown that as the homicide rates go up, so do the number of unaccompanied kids migrating.

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