Three reasons to impeach President Obama

Three reasons to impeach President Obama

[H]ere are the three strongest reasons I could think of for conservatives to support impeachment.

Reason One: Symbolism

A vote to impeach Obama won’t result in his removal from office, since that requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate. But that doesn’t mean it would be worthless. It would show for the second time in a year that conservatives in Congress will fight for something, so long as it’s something completely unrealistic and unattainable.

Also, not enough people know that conservatives think Obama is a horrible president. So let me say it again: “Obama is a horrible president.” And also, let’s impeach him, because that will get the word out a lot better than just me saying it here.

Reason Two: We need a real challenge

Obama is basically a lame duck. The odds of his getting substantial legislation through Congress before he leaves office are roughly zero. In recent weeks, the Supreme Court has started to undo some of his more flagrant abuses of power, like those non-recess recess appointments he tried to make. The public hates Obamacare. Obama’s ratings are near all-time lows, and they’re even worse in the states that will be important for 2014.

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