Logical Brazilian fans shout obscenities at their president while losing to Germany

Logical Brazilian fans shout obscenities at their president while losing to Germany

[Ed. – Yeah, good thing they get to vote. But I do love the attempt at analysis by CBS.  Emphasis added.]

During the 7-1 loss in the World Cup semifinals against Germany, Brazil soccer fans became so outraged with the score that they began chanting “Ei, Dilma, vai tomar no cu,” which translates to: “Hey, Dilma, go f*** yourself in the a**!”

Brazilian fans are angry with President Dilma Rousseff, for allowing the government to spend more than $11 billion dollars to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Fans began chanting around the 40th minute of the match that became the worst defeat since Brazil’s 1950 World Cup loss to Uruguay.

Those protesting against Rousseff believe that the money invested to host the World Cup could have been put to better use by building up schools and hospitals or helping poor neighborhoods like Cidade de Deus. [Sure, because that’s what really gets you in the mood to tell your president to go f*** herself. – Ed.]

“There are people who suffer so much here in Brazil,” Brazilian soccer player David Luiz stated during a post-game interview. “I only wanted to see my people smile, to see Brazilians happy because of soccer at least. We couldn’t do it. Everyone knows how important it was. We apologize to the Brazilian people worldwide and Brazil.”

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