Jennifer Lopez pushing amnesty with “Los Jets” TV show

Jennifer Lopez pushing amnesty with “Los Jets” TV show

Jennifer Lopez is behind a new TV show, Los Jets, a documentary featuring Latinos, some of whom have come to the U.S. illegally. She is also executive producer of The Fosters, about a same-sex couple raising children. Liberal agenda? No doubt.

Gee – I wonder if the illegals are the heroes who win the big game and teach the white racists a lesson about sharing, caring and compassion? Hey J-Lo – exactly how many kids from Central America are going to be staying with you starting this month?

In fact, the stated objective of the new show is to “put a human face to the illegal immigration debate that rages in the United States.”

Naturally, the premise of the show is how the underdog prevails despite the odds – designed to tug on our heartstrings, evoking sympathy.

And from feeling sympathy to taking action on behalf of the underdog, desensitizing our intellect to the dangers of welcoming tens of thousands of immigrants.

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