Black man in ‘Uncle Sam’ hat busted for threatening Obama

Black man in ‘Uncle Sam’ hat busted for threatening Obama

An Alabama man who wore an Uncle Sam top hat while recording a video threatening President Barack Obama’s life was arrested yesterday by Secret Service agents.

Deryke Pfeifer, 54, was busted on a felony complaint charging him with making threats against the president. Pfeifer is locked up in advance of a hearing at which prosecutors will argue that he should be detained in advance of a criminal trial.

Federal agents allege that Pfeifer has threatened Obama’s life in a series of videos posted to his Facebook page, as well as in calls to the Federal Protective Service, which provides security for government facilities.

In a July 3 video, Pfeifer–who is wearing a hat with stars and stripes–claimed that he was “speaking for God” and was “going to kill Obama for turning on him.” He also threatens to blow up a Social Security Administration building.

A prior Facebook video shows Pfeifer with “what appears to be a Glock pistol in his lap,” according to a U.S. District Court criminal complaint. “Obama, sir, you feel all that heat, Obama?” Pfeifer asks, apparently in reference to the handgun. “I just let you see that to let you know that I got it it,” Pfeifer noted, adding, “Constitution give me the right to bear arms, sir.”

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