Detroit: Public pensioners to absorb pain of city financial collapse

Detroit: Public pensioners to absorb pain of city financial collapse

Officials are urging retirees to agree to a 4.5 percent cut in pension payouts, and an end to COLA. Unsurprisingly, some former city workers are less than thrilled by the idea of taking a pay-cut in an attempt to lessen the city’s debt obligation.

Now, I understand the retirement pension of an average city worker is not amazingly lush in the city of Detroit; but (and this is a purely economic observation) such poor choices are primarily the consequence of being the major creditors in a poorly-managed municipality… In other words: This is what happens when you depend on liberal government for your livelihood. Heck, if Detroit was a financial institution we would see Occupy Wall Street protestors demanding the forfeiture of every policeman’s pension within the 142.9 square miles of Detroit’s geographical footprint. …

The truth is, this isn’t a matter of public employees taking a cut to their pensions. Nor is it a matter of Democrat promises being broken. This is merely the result of dependency on government. Reliance on any big spending city budget tends to be anchored (whether liberals want you to believe it or not) in fiscal reality. At the end of the day, the promises made by government are only as solid as the financial reality backing said promises.

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