Border doc: Illegal with TB being ignored, left at large by feds

Border doc: Illegal with TB being ignored, left at large by feds

[Ed. – Emphasis added.]

A source told Breitbart Texas that an illegal immigrant from Guatemala is currently being treated for active tuberculosis (TB) at the University Medical Center (UMC) of El Paso.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet–a preventive medicine physician and former Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)–has practices in Arizona and Texas. Vliet claimed that one of her patients, whose name can not be disclosed for confidentiality reasons, called her with fears that the TB-positive immigrant was putting other lives at risk.

Vliet said her patient informed her that ICE and DHS would not take the illegal immigrant–who was previously deported but is now back in the U.S.–into custody. …

Vliet expressed concern to Breitbart Texas that the allegedly infected illegal immigrant could be released into general population before the CDC gets to him. …

Vliet told Breitbart Texas, “The form of TB prevalent in the countries from which the majority of these illegals are coming is the most severe of all: multi-drug resistant TB, which has a low cure rate and requires the use of expensive medications with serious side effects.”

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