Is Hillary channeling George Costanza about her speaking fees?

Is Hillary channeling George Costanza about her speaking fees?

Hillary Clinton late last week announced that she donates all her college speaking fees to charity — her own charity that is.

Could this arrangement be an inadvertent send-up from Seinfeld?

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mrs. Clinton — the presumed 2016 presidential frontrunner for the Democrats — told ABC News that all the fees go to the Clinton Foundation “to continue [the organization’s] life-changing and life-saving work.”

The former Secretary of State and foe of income inequality makes about $200,000 a pop for speeches at colleges and in front of corporate groups.

Presumably any donated fees from those college appearances are tax deductible.

Although they favor higher tax rates for the one-percent, the Clintons have reportedly also set up a trust to minimize their IRS liability under the estate (a.k.a. death) tax, with the presumed beneficiary being their daughter and her family.

You may recall from Seinfeld TV show that Fesitivus-celebrating cheapskate George Costanza gave those on his Christmas list a card indicating that instead of a gift, a donation was made in their names to the “Human Fund,” which turned out to be a made-up charity. In typical Seinfeld fashion, the whole scheme backfired.

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