Dana Carvey can’t mock Obama, because he’s not a ‘walking, talking cartoon’ like other pols

Dana Carvey can’t mock Obama, because he’s not a ‘walking, talking cartoon’ like other pols

[Ed. – There’s a lot of this going around.]

Former Saturday Night Live co-workers Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey are touring together this summer. On Sunday, The Washington Post published an interview with Carvey as the two head to the Kennedy Center in the nation’s capital for a show on July 12.

While Miller now delights the right with a radio show and humorous appearances on Fox News, Carvey claims “I ride both sides.” But it became clear he doesn’t mock Barack Obama, because somehow he’s so much more serious than our other presidents and presidential candidates:

“When we had the Southerners in there — [George] W. [Bush]and [Bill] Clinton — it was more of a ready-made, kind of like Sarah Palin or like Ross Perot. With Obama, the problem wasn’t just that he was a Northerner, but that this guy was not a walking, talking cartoon — so what are we going to do?”

Even after six years, Carvey can’t do an Obama impression – or won’t because it’s too hard, or too racist or something. Everyone else is a “cartoon” compared to him. In his 2008 HBO special “Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies,” Carvey only made fun of his name, suggesting Barack Hussein Obama is liking having the name Charles Manson Hitler:

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