Count on activists to use race to shut down dissent at border

Count on activists to use race to shut down dissent at border

Understanding that the tsunami of illegal alien minors on America’s southern border is an orchestrated crisis perpetrated by the Obama administration is not enough.

Understanding that the actions of the administration concerning this phenomenon is about the consolidation of power, rather than concern for these immigrants, or even short-term political gains is a beginning.

Understanding that this illegal and highly-coordinated ploy is amoral in the abstract and treasonable in the statutory sense is progress.

However, there is a crucial aspect of this crisis that must be understood; it is also one that has the potential to neutralize all sound approaches toward addressing the issue.

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The reaction of citizens in Murietta, California over the attempted dumping of some of these illegal immigrants in their community has led to a national controversy highlighting either the line in the sand that Murietta’s citizens have drawn, or their bigotry and insensitivity, depending on who one talks to. Sympathetic establishment press outlets and Latino activists have taken the party line position, and are employing the boilerplate rhetoric one might expect pertaining to the deportment of the people of Murietta: They’re anti-immigrant! They’re racist! Viva La Raza!

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