They discovered my cancer because I was pregnant, no way I could abort my baby

They discovered my cancer because I was pregnant, no way I could abort my baby

If we’ve written one story here at LifeNews during our 20 years about mothers who have had their doctors suggest an abortion of their baby when they learn they have cancer or some other serious medical condition, we’ve written hundreds.

It seems as if physicians, when they learn their pregnant patient has a severe medical problem, seem to think that taking the life of her unborn baby will somehow improve her condition or make the problem go away. And, amazingly, both mother and baby often do just fine when she rejects the suggestion to have an abortion.

Here’s another case of a mom who has no regrets not having an abortion of her little boy, who is now two-years-old. This time, she is not doing as well and her life is in jeopardy. But she has absolutely no regrets not having an abortion.

Even when the pain becomes unbearable, cancer patient Ana Mendoza said one glance at her two-year-old son Nathan makes it all go away.

“He’s my miracle baby,” the North Vancouver mom told Metro from her bed at Lion’s Gate Hospital. “I tell him every day.”

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