Hillary crushes on Thad Cochran and his campaign tactics in Mississippi

Hillary crushes on Thad Cochran and his campaign tactics in Mississippi

[Ed. – At least she doesn’t have to worry about about age withering or custom staling any of that pesky infinite variety.  It’s one more thing off her plate.]

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised longtime Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., for reaching out to Democratic and minority voters in his June 24 runoff election, the Hill reported.

In an interview with C-SPAN that will air Saturday, Clinton said she was “actually quite taken” with the Mississippi primary and was impressed that Cochran courted black voters against his Tea Party-backed challenger, state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

“That’s what you’re supposed to do,” Clinton said in an interview that took place in Little Rock, Ark.

“You’re not supposed to just reach out to those who already agree with you,” she said, adding that Cochran, her former senate colleague, is a “great gentleman.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton criticized lawmakers who brag that “they’ll never compromise.”

“Now, I am a person of faith, but I don’t think any human being has the truth. They act as if they have a channel to the divine or to some other source of direction and that is just contrary to how democracies work,” she said. …

Cochran’s campaign has characterized [an election challenge by True the Vote] as a joke.

McDaniel is in the middle of “an absurd public meltdown not based in reality,” said Cochran strategist Stu Stevens, adding that he suspects the requests for money have to do with debt accrued during the primary.

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