Mysterious forces behind ‘Draft Mitt movement’

Mysterious forces behind ‘Draft Mitt movement’

[Ed. – Oooooooooo.]

Which begs the question: Who’s running this conservative (and low-budget) version of Ready for Hillary? That’s the rub: Nobody seems to know.

It has a professional website (not paid for by Mitt Romney, as it makes very clear) and growing following. The number of signatures stood in the mid-10,000’s when TPM first visited last month; now it’s approaching 30,000.

But nobody is taking credit. …

At least one top Romney 2012 senior adviser was clearly perplexed. Stuart Stevens told TPM via email: “Don’t know a thing about it and haven’t talked to anyone who does.”

But there is documented evidence of a Mitt Romney 2016 constituency in the wild. …

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough reportedly urged the creation of a Draft Romney effort. (Hmmmm?) A billionaire donor as well a Reagan White House secretary of state said they were onboard. As was former Montana governor and Democrat Brian Schweitzer.

“He would be a giant in a field of midgets,” Schweitzer told reporters.

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