CA hires same contractor that botched to make voter database

CA hires same contractor that botched to make voter database

[Ed. – Some people never learn.]

California doesn’t know how many of the state’s voters are registered to vote in other states.


Why? California doesn’t have a statewide database. In fact, it’s the only state in the U.S. without one. Instead, voter rolls are maintained at the county level, until a statewide database is completed. The VoteCal database is anticipated to launch sometime in 2016. The contracting company — CGI Technologies and Solutions, an arm of CGI Federal — happens to be the same company that botched the site.

“If California was included (in the interstate voter check) those numbers would really jump,” said Ellen Swensen, chief analyst at the Election Integrity Project, a volunteer organization that works to protect fair and honest elections in California.

Some 38.3 million people live in California, and that number grows by 1,000 each day. The sheer size of California’s population, combined with an already messy system of voter rolls and the fact the state doesn’t purge people who move to another state, would force a spike in that 6.9-million figure, Swensen said.


CGI Technologies and Solutions was the only company to bid on the project, due largely to narrow state requirements. In fact, the request for proposal from the state was more than 500 pages.

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