6 stupid arguments about Hobby Lobby from dumb liberals

6 stupid arguments about Hobby Lobby from dumb liberals

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we have been given a wealth of riches when it comes to stupid arguments from stupid people. Here are the 6 dumbest arguments from dumb liberals about the Hobby Lobby decision.

1) The Supreme Court is denying access to birth control….

Right. Because nothing “denies access” like paying employees a wage that they can then use to buy whatever they want.

2) The Supreme Court is discriminating against women….

Oddly enough, the only contraception-related discrimination baked into law by Obamacare was against men. After all, male contraception like condoms or vasectomies was never covered by the law….

3) The men on the Supreme Court shouldn’t be allowed to rule on decisions that affect women….

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