‘Years from now when people are gasping for air’ from global warming will blame Tea Party

‘Years from now when people are gasping for air’ from global warming will blame Tea Party

[Ed. – It would seem people gasping for air would have issues on their mind bigger than fixing political blame … unless they’re Democrats.]

With climate change ranking low in urgency in a different Pew poll, there’s not much percentage in moderate Republicans standing up for science and common sense. Paulson et al. are to be commended for their effort, but they are — as Mike Bloomberg found out years ago — in the wrong party.

What possesses the tea party on climate change? Some of it has to do with traditional anti-establishment sentiment. If the elite say it’s getting hot, then it must be getting cold. Mostly, though, its position is rooted in a raging antipathy toward (hiss!) big government. Climate change is hardly a local problem. Strictly speaking, it isn’t even a national problem. (China and India are major polluters.) It will take national and international agreements to deal with global warming, and tea party types would rather — almost literally — burn in a kind of hell than submit to Washington or, God forbid, the United Nations.

So reports will be issued and the Obama administration will pump for a reduction in carbon emissions and much of the Republican Party will deny the undeniable. But the waters will rise and the country will bake.Years from now, people gasping for air will ask how we let this happen and the GOP, sticking to its plan, will deny that anything is happening at all. Have an iced tea, y’all.

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