Study: Black voter turnout increased in state that passed voter ID law

Study: Black voter turnout increased in state that passed voter ID law

A new study from Judicial Watch compared the turnout in North Carolina’s 2010 primary with the 2014 primary (the first state wide election after the law passed in August 2013). The numbers show an increased turnout across demographics, but especially among black voters.

Black voter turnout increased by 29.5% in the 2014 primary, compared to an increased white voter turnout of 13.7% (findings based on Census Bureau data and the NC voter roll).

Based on their study, Judicial Watch has now filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit, opposing the DOJ’s claim. They say the turnout numbers are “devastating to the plaintiff’s case because they contradict all of their experts’ basis for asserting harm”:

The results of this analysis … show that black turnout increased in 2014 by every meaningful measure. Black share of the total electorate increased. The percentage of black registered voters voting increased. Using Census Bureau estimates, Dr. Camarota [the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies] found an increase in turnout among blacks of voting age. Finally, while turnout increased across the board in May 2014, and while white turnout increased by 13.7%, black turnout increased much faster – by an astonishing 29.5%.

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