New, adorable narrative: Hillary had to win over a ‘skeptical left’

New, adorable narrative: Hillary had to win over a ‘skeptical left’

[Ed. – O, M, G, I love it!  There’s a “skeptical left”?  Who knew?]

This time around, Brown talks like a man in the market for another crusading liberal, perhaps Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. “Wall Street would be fine with a Clinton administration. I don’t think it would be fine with a Warren administration. It would send a really deep chill,” he explained. And yet, despite all the personal history and the ideological grudges, Brown is unequivocal about whom he’ll support in 2016. “I’m a booster of Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I would go so far as to say an ardent booster.”

As it happens, Brown is not an outlier among plugged-in liberals. Seven of the ten former Obama precinct captains I contacted said they were enthusiastic about Clinton (and an eighth said she was slowly coming around). …

Clinton’s popularity turns out to be highest in places you might least expect. She consistently performs better among liberals than among moderate and conservative Democrats, though it was the former who deserted her six years ago.  A recent CNN poll found that only 11 percent of Democrats prefer a candidate who is more liberal. Put it all togetherthe numbers, the enthusiasm, the unlikely convertsand it’s a striking turnaround for a candidate who, when her opponent famously proclaimed her “likeable enough” in 2008, discovered that less than half her party agreed. And the reasons behind this resurgence tell us about more than just 2016they reveal something fascinating, even downright profound, about the Democratic psyche.

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