UK HS students exposed to lecture series by Muslim extremists

UK HS students exposed to lecture series by Muslim extremists

A hardline mosque accused of helping to radicalise the Cardiff youths filmed in a jihadi propaganda video delivered regular extremist lectures to pupils at the state school they attended.

Cathays High School allowed regular Wednesday lunchtime sessions in its main assembly hall with Ali Hammuda, a hardline preacher from Al-Manar mosque in Glynrhondda Street.

The sessions, entitled “Reminding Cathays High”, included teaching pupils that music and “free-mixing”, contact between boys and girls, were “not permitted in Islam”. In a separate lecture at the mosque, Mr Hammuda described music as a “sickness”.

Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana, who both went to fight in Syria and appeared in a terrorist propaganda video last week, reportedly met at Cathays High.

Both also attended Al-Manar, which denies any links with radicalism but has hosted a long roster of extremist preachers, including Muhammad Mustafa al-Muqri, the current or former spiritual leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, an ally of al-Qaeda responsible for the 1997 Luxor tourist massacre and banned across Europe as a terrorist organisation.

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