Soccer: The biting continues

Soccer: The biting continues

[Ed. – Reason #18,437,698 to prefer Realball — American football — to soccer.]

An England fan had his ear bitten off by a fellow supporter after the national side’s World Cup game against Uruguay, the Association of Chief Police Officers has revealed. The man was left bloodied and with half his left ear ripped off after the incident.

The incident happened before Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suárez was banned from the competition for biting an Italian player but details of the attack have only just emerged.

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore tweeted that he had seen footage of the fan attack and claimed it would be “the biggest story in the UK, especially who did it”.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Barber said: “We were made aware during the England vs Uruguay match in Sao Paulo that an incident had taken place which resulted in an England fan having a portion of his ear bitten off by another England fan. …”

No arrests have been made yet, but interviews with witnesses gave police a name for the alleged attacker, Ms Barber said.

Police went to England’s final match against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte in case the assailant travelled to the match, but did not find him there.

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