NYC HS teacher sets student on fire

NYC HS teacher sets student on fire

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A chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong in a New York high school has left a boy badly burned.

Alonzo Yates, a 10th grade student at the prestigious Beacon School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is currently being treated for second and third degree burns on his torso, face and neck after the accident.

The incident occurred when Ms. Anna Poole, Alonzo’s 10th grade chemistry teacher, poured highly reactive methanol onto an already-burning experiment. The explosive chemical immediately erupted upon coming into contact with the experiment, sending what students present at the scene described as “a fireball like a blowtorch” across the room.

Upon making this ghastly mistake, Poole ran outside her classroom screaming: “Help Me! Oh my God, I set a kid on fire!” according to witnesses.

After writhing on the ground in a ball of flames, Alonzo was left badly injured.

“He suffered second- and third-degree burns to his face, neck and torso,” the New York Post reports. “Moments after Yanes was set afire, another teacher ran in with a blanket and smothered the flames.”

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