O-care: ‘Good’ numbers debunked, bad numbers worse than thought

O-care: ‘Good’ numbers debunked, bad numbers worse than thought

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Citing health policy analyst Robert Laszewski, Attkisson reported that insurance companies are being hit with higher rates of complaints from customers who have discovered that their new policies are not what they had hoped.

“A lot of dissatisfaction is being communicated from consumers to insurance company call centers and their agents about the new health insurance plans, particularly compared to the plans people are used to,” Laszewski told Attkisson. …

But dismal approval ratings and falling customer satisfaction are the least of Obamacare’s worries. The facts show that the law is a failure, with less than 4 million of those newly enrolled being previously uninsured. This means that very few of the “30 million” uninsured that Obama claimed he was going to help have gained insurance under Obamacre. …

Obama has made it seem as if his 8 million enrollees are all first-time insurance customers. …

The real tally is damning.

Assuming the most positive estimates–that 85 percent of the 8 million enrollees have paid their premiums and 43 percent had coverage before–the newly insured would number only about 3.9 million. By this time, CBO had projected 19 million would have been removed from the ranks of the uninsured, and CMS predicted 26 million.

3.9 million is a far cry from the 8 million of Obama’s claims. …

But more troublesome are the costs of the government subsidies and the costs of expanding Medicaid.

“CMS estimates Medicaid will get 8.6 million new enrollees in 2014, thanks to Obamacare. Twenty-six states have expanded Medicaid, but if all did, spending by states would increase 26 percent–or $952 billion–from 2013 to 2022,” Attkisson reported.

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