Democracy Alliance has way less money than the Koch brothers

Democracy Alliance has way less money than the Koch brothers

[Ed. – A masterpiece of its kind, this Politico piece pretends to an ironic objectivity about PACs so it can “credibly” emphasize an erroneous theme: that Democrats put less “dark money” into politics.  But, of course, to think that, or to think it matters, you have to ignore all the other ways Soros spends his money on politics — Democracy Alliance is just one of his beneficiaries — and ignore the Democrats’ other sources of political funding, like unions.  Which effectively get away with whatever they want.]

“The Democracy Alliance was organized to provide a forum for people with a shared set of principles to coordinate their resources more efficiently and effectively to achieve their common goals – it doesn’t represent a single industry or family, and doesn’t give money directly to organizations.”

But when it comes to sheer volume of cash, the DA isn’t in the same league as the Koch network. While the DA takes credit for steering more than $500 million in donations to recommended groups since its creation in 2005, the Koch network spent more than $400 million in 2012 alone.

Koch network donors are expected to provide almost every penny of the Koch operation’s $290 million 2014 spending goal. By contrast, DA donors — or “partners,” in the club’s parlance — are projected to provide a maximum of $39 million toward the $200 million 2014 spending goal of the 21 core DA groups, according to the briefing booklet. That means most of the cash raised by DA-linked groups actually comes from donors, institutions or revenue streams outside the DA’s cloistered ranks. Another difference: While DA partners are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups, they ultimately decide to which group their money goes. The Koch network, on the other hand, collects contributions in the nonprofit political hub Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, which then distributes the cash mostly as it sees fit to groups in the network.

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