This is what declining American power looks like

This is what declining American power looks like

Thirteen years after the nation embarked, nearly unanimously, on the War on Terror and seventy years after emerging as the strongest power from the most cataclysmic war the world has ever known, most Americans are rather tired of “policing the world.” Besides being expensive, it’s also a thankless job. No one likes how we do it though our detractors certainly aren’t volunteering to expend their blood and treasure to show us how to do it better.

So Obama is doing nothing while the nation that we worked so hard to build teeters precariously on the abyss of the caliphate. Some might argue that we fought long and hard for the Iraqis, held their hands while they grew, trained them, equipped them, and now the time has come for Iraqi soldiers to defend Iraq. It’s their moment of truth, not ours. If they don’t stand up now, perhaps they never will.

The president’s inaction on Iraq should not be mistaken for dovish tendencies. Obama may have fooled a lot of people in 2008 into believing that he was some kind of peace candidate but his actions in the interim say otherwise.

“I’m really good at killing people,” he once remarked to campaign aides. And he is.

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