Libya wants Abu Khattala back, for some reason

Libya wants Abu Khattala back, for some reason

[T]he United States government had the legal — and moral — authority to capture him, and under no circumstances will he ever be returned to Libya.

Nevertheless, the country’s leadership is still complaining:

 Libyan government officials have condemned the U.S. Delta Force raid that captured an alleged Benghazi mastermind and demanded that he be returned to Libya.Libyan Justice Minister Saleh al-Marghani said American forces has no right to abscond with Ahmed abu Khattala and another official added that the operation was an ‘attack on Libyan sovereignty.’ …

‘We had no prior notification. We did not to expect the U.S. to upset our political scene,’ he told a press conference on Wednesday.

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Too bad. Meanwhile, fresh details about the raid itself are beginning to surface regarding why it took so long to apprehend Khatallah. This is a question we, and other media outlets, have been asking for days — namely, if the alleged leader of the Benghazi terrorist raid was boldly and arrogantly hanging out in plain view, and speaking with western journalists, why did it take several years to kill or capture him? …

[A]ccording to the Daily Beast, one possible explanation is that the administration was waiting for the Department of Justice to collect enough evidence so that when he was captured, he could be prosecuted to the maximum degree.

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